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Effect Menu

Effect Menu (illustrator)

Adobe Illustrator is one of the excellent Vector Graphic Designing software by using it you can design your ideas then print out it. As you know, we’re learning Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 and now our discussion is about Effect Menu of Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 that is considered the important menu of Illustrator because it has multi various effects and option which …

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Select Menu

Select Menu (illustrator)

Select Menu of Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 Hello Guys, you’re here in the Select Menu of Adobe Illustrator CC 2015. It is well known as the important menu related to selection. Many options are placed in this menu about selection like as All, Deselect, Reselect, Inverse, Same, Object, Save Selection and Edit Selection etc well considered. Guys as you know, …

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Type Menu

Type Menu (illustrator)

Today, we’ll extend our point of view till Type Menu of Abode Illustrator CC 2015. In this menu, bundles of options and commands are placed about Font Family, Font Size, Type on the Path, Find Font, Font Cases and Hidden Characters etc. Definitely, these are well known and most useful options placed in “Type Menu of Adobe Illustrator CC …

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Object Menu

Object Menu (illustrator)

You’re in one of Adobe Illustrator tutorials for beginners; here is further post about Adobe Illustrator CC 2015. If you’re regular visitor of the site, you may be read the past posts about learn Adobe Illustrator online learning. I hope you learnt lot of interesting and useful knowledge from them. Certainly, I shared useful basic …

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Edit Menu

Edit Menu ( illustrator )

Edit Menu It is good hearing, you are in the next step of learning Adobe Illustrator Classes. We’ll go through several of Adobe Illustrator tutorials with comprehensive detail. In previous Class we were on File Menu of Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 in which you learnt about its all major options and commands with detail. So, …

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File Menu

File Menu (illustrator)

File Menu 1- New: (Ctrl + N) This Option select for New Blank Window/New Blank Document in illustrator. When press the New Option, a new window/document will open. where will be only one Artboard*. 2- New From Template: (Shift + Ctrl + N) This Option Select for New Document for Template. Template already designed in illustrator.When …

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