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Adobe Illustrator is one of the excellent Vector Graphic Designing software by using it you can design your ideas then print out it. As you know, we’re learning Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 and now our discussion is about Effect Menu of Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 that is considered the important menu of Illustrator because it has multi various effects and option which show the remarkable result in their usages. Here is a big collection of Illustrator and Photoshop effects. You can apply on the project as you need and also apply as bitmap from Photoshop Effects.

Last Filter

At top of the Effect Menu of Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 the first option is “Last Filter”. When you use any filter, it shows at top as a last filter. You can also apply it from here simply.

Document Raster Effects Settings

It is a dialogue box related to setting about to determine some aspects that how Illustrator rasterize the objects.

Illustrator Effect

In this menu a big collection of Illustrator effects are found as we’re going to talk about. You can apply them from this menu as an Illustrator Effect.


In “3D” sub menu, there three effects are which are using for 3 Dimension object.

  • Extrude & Bevel(To apply Bevel Effect)
  • Revolve(To apply Revolve Effect)
  • Rotate(To Rotate The Object3D into various directions)

Convert to Shape

It has some option about effect by using them you can convert an object into various shapes as mentioned under.

  • Rectangle:(To change the object into Rectangle shape)
  • Rounded Rectangle:(To change the object into Round Rectangle)
  • Ellipse:(To change the object into Ellipse Shape)


Sometimes, you need to convert an object into bitmap or raster base, you can choose this option to convert it into rasterized.


The sub menu has more than one sub options which are very valuable for Graphics Designer as mentioned below.

  • Drop Shadow:(To apply Drop Show on the object)
  • Feather:(To apply Feather on the object)
  • Inner Glow:(To apply Inner Glow on the object)
  • Outer Glow:(To apply Outer Glow on the object)
  • Round Corner:(To covert the object into Round Corner)

In the “Effect Menu of Adobe Illustrator CC 2015”, you can see hundreds of effects related to Illustrator and Photoshop are placed. In the same discussion, we talked about some Illustrator effects but, we’ll learn about all of them practically in next posts with full detail.

I hope you learnt something special from the post. Anyway, if you’ve some comment or query about Effect Menu of Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 or related to other topic, I’m ready to reply you.

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