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Best (PPD Sites)– 2021 Pay Per Download Sites

Today, we use the internet as the most used aspect of technology. With the increase in the use of the internet in every aspect of daily life, as well as the increased number of smartphones, the internet advertising industry has grown to its fullest.

Bloggers and webmasters monetize their websites to the maximum level and make the most out of their resources. There are many ways to earn from a website or blog. These ways can be combined for maximum earnings. One such method is PPD sites.

PPD or Pay Per Download is an advertisement technique where bloggers/webmasters are paid whenever anyone downloads their files. But, most people fail to find a good PPD site for their files.

Hence, in this article, we have listed the best PPD sites that you can use to maximize your earnings. These sites are trusted and offer reasonable rates as well as guaranteed payments. So, if you are looking for PPD sites, we have listed the best ones below.


UsersCloud is one of the best PPD sites. It is a hosting site that offers unlimited storage space to registered users.

Also, there is an option to double your account into on-demand file hosting, which offers the benefits of PPD. That means users are paid when people download hosted files.

Daily Uploads

Daily Uploads is also a very commonly used PPD network. It is known for its speed and dependability.

Users can easily host and monetize files with the help of Daily Uploads. The payout is only $10. Hence, people prefer Daily Uploads.

Dollar Upload

Dollar Upload is yet another PPD site that offers a way to earn by uploading and hosting files. Users can even lock a link to content, thus maximizing the earnings.

Payment is secure as well as the minimum payout is $10. Hence, it is the right choice as a PPD network.


Up-load.io is a platform that offers people to earn money through pay per download approach. You have to direct your traffic to download a file on this website. In return, you will earn money according to the number of traffic received.

Even there is a referral system. If a person joins the network with your referral, then you will get 15% of their profits. It is easy to use, and has an intuitive interface.


Indishare is a PPD network that allows you to upload files. Then, you will earn money whenever someone downloads that file. The main feature is that you can upload mp4 as well as mp3 files. It’s totally upon you.

To get started, you have to register yourself on it by answering a few questions. Also, the minimum payout is $10. There are various payment methods supported in it like PayPal, Payza, & Bank Transfer etc.


File-upload is a popular platform that allows users to earn money through pay per download. The important thing is that it has a minimum payout of only $1. So, you can get your earned money as soon as possible. One can earn $7 for 1000 downloads.

Other than the above features, it offers a referral program. Through it, you can earn 20% of the profits of a person who has joined through your referral. Plus, it has a long list of payment methods.


File4Net is a platform that allows you to earn some money through pay per download. It is a well-created website with a simple and easy to use interface. To get started, you need to create an account on the platform. And you will be ready to earn.

Also, the minimum payout is only $1. You can use different payment methods like Bitcoin, PayPal, Western Union, Payoneer, and much more. So, it is a quote, versatile platform.


DLUpload is a PPD platform that allows you to earn money through downloads. You have to upload a file on it. The important thing is that it allows you to upload a single file upto 2GB of size. You can upload video, software, audio, and much more.

There is an estimate that a user can earn $8 after every 1000 downloads. Also, the minimum payout on this platform is just $5. So, you can get your money as soon as

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