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Select Menu of Adobe Illustrator CC 2015

Hello Guys, you’re here in the Select Menu of Adobe Illustrator CC 2015. It is well known as the important menu related to selection. Many options are placed in this menu about selection like as All, Deselect, Reselect, Inverse, Same, Object, Save Selection and Edit Selection etc well considered. Guys as you know, it is a series of free Illustrator tutorials for beginners, especially beginners are welcome to learn Adobe Illustrator CC 2015. Definitely, for them here all Adobe Illustrator update will be available with practical learning method. So, I welcome to newbie those have an initial mind about to learn Adobe Illustrator CC 2015.


When you take a look on Select Menu of Adobe Illustrator CC 2015, you see “All” option at top. You can select all things placed in body area of Adobe Illustrator or if you press Ctrl+A from keyboard all items select simply.

All on Active Artboard

This option is ample to select all items only from placed on Artboard area. Out sided placed item will not select from this option.


To unselect selected object this option is used or you should press the combined keys Shift+Ctrl+A to do the same action.


Reselect option is to select again what was just deselected. To use Reselect the item with professionally you can use Ctrl+6 key.


Inverse is very important option of Adobe Illustrator CC 2015. If you selected some objects and want to select other unselected objects (except this selected object) the option is well done to do this job.

Next Object Above

Next Object Above is used to select next above object from selected object or you should use Alt+Ctrl+] keys from the keyboard.

Next Object Below

The option is used to select below object from selected object or press Alt+Ctrl+[ to do the same action.


In Same menu, there other sub options are placed. You can use them by keeping in mind the similarity between more than one object.

For example, you want to select the same objects which have the same Fill and Stoke, the option will select only the same objects. Moreover, to keeping similarity in appearance, Blending Modes, Fill Color, Opacity, Stroke Weight and Graphic Style you can select required objects.


This is used to select related to object items like as Brush Stroke and Text etc.

Save Selection and Edit Selection

You can save your required selection from Save Selection option while Edit Selection is used to edit saved selection.

Selection is very important task during you’re working in Adobe Illustrator CC 2015. About all tasks about selection is done from Select Menu of Adobe Illustrator CC 2015. By using Save Selection option you can save your selection and at any time you can make changing in it by Edit Selection option simply.

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